Monday, March 19, 2018

Final project proposal

Something that's always fascinated me about video games is inventory management. The ability to be able to see a comprehensive list of all of your items in one place and manage how they are arranged in said list has always been something I look forward to in games. In real life though I am definitely not so organized. I lose things on a daily. Not just little knickknacks and things I mean I literally just lost my glasses for like 2 or 3 whole months and it turns out they were on the table the whole time. I buy a whole set of new tools for sculpture and ceramics every semester and loose all of them within like the first couple days. I have lost things valuable to projects and artwork that have resulted in sub par work ( I lost a whole jar of paint thinner, paint brushes, a computer mouse, ceramics tools, sketchbooks even the work itself sometimes). But what if there was a way for me to manage all of these items in a way similar to that of a video game? what if I could bring this so called inventory system to life? There would obviously be some tweaks made to the mechanics and semantics of the whole thing but I feel like it should be possible.
what I want to do is create a "device of holding" (cause what I want to do can't be done with a bag).
I plan to give each item it's own individual place for easy access and visibility. There will be a light illuminating each section only when an item has been placed where it is meant to be placed. Most compartments will hold a specific item but a few "unmarked" compartments will be implemented.
This next feature may be a stretch but I also plan to have either a visual and audio output telling you what you are missing ( er go a screen with a list and a voice that reads that list as obnoxiously as possible to entice the user to get their shi- things).

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

First post and flex sensor

I can't believe this is my first post. As such I understand I can't make up for what I have missed but I plan to and will be more attentive when it comes to these things in the future. My flex sensor came in and it's literally just a strip and I have no idea what to do with it. Guess it's time to learn. I also recently tried to finish my NM (noise machine project but I think I ruined something because of the intense wires I was using and not trying to keep them from touching. I plan to make these more accurate and relavent in the future.