Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Class Notes 8/29/18

Class notes:

using ohm's law we can figure out how much amperage/ resistance/ or voltage is being used in a circuit. it is represented by a triangle that shows V/I*R. Open circuit? you could put a switch there.

      circuit is a continuous path for electricity and current

      open circuits are breaks in those paths

      short circuits are when power connects directly to ground. or highest potential to lowest potential.

      Power is "usually" coded red on the bread board

T package LEDS usually come In Red Yellow or Green and operate on 3v and 20mA. this is why we need a resistor. LEDs are polar meaning they control the flow of current. This is important because they can shut down the whole circuit. The short leg of the LED or the Flat spot or the bit thats bigger inside the lens is the negative leg.

tactical media.

ICT internet communication technology. books on this medium is the massage Marshall McLuhan. He theorizes that the medium  changes what you say. Every medium has it's limitations.

Weekly update

Basic LED circuit

Surprisingly I had a few problems with hooking this up. First things first I have to remember that the LEDs are polar. Second for some reason  the only way this circuit works for me is if the LED is connected directly to power or separated by another row? The problem was both legs of the LED being connected on the same row of the breadboard; connecting both ends to power which just doesn't work.

words of the week: Iris aperture. techno-utopists.

Ok so I woke up at 4:52 to get to class on time this morning the bus comes at like 5:45 I miss it by 2 minutes and I need to catch this other bus or the earliest time I can get to class is 8:15. I run to this second bus stop to make in time and I get there well before the bus arrives. She looks at me shakes her head and passes me. Tragic I know I just had to vent

Monday, August 27, 2018

Hello World

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    printf("Hello World");

    return 0;